P. A. Praveen

A Human and a proud Physicist!

Hi! I'm Praveen. I'm a physicist (more precisely, a material scientist!) and I love books, music, photography and computers. And if you have similar interests, well, 'Join the Club!'.

Right now, I'm a post doctoral research fellow in IISER, Tirupati. We're working on metal-organic materials for photonic applications, which I strongly believe the materials for a 'bright' future (My curriculum vitae can be found here). As a semi-'theorist' and semi-'experimentalist', for my doctoral degree I have investigated the nonlinear optical phenomena of certain benzimidazole based metal complexes. The works were published in some international journals and the complete list of publications can be found here.

Apart from research I love reading and the choice of books varying from Sangam Poetry to Jeffrey Archer stories. I love to travel and always happy to capture the moments and monuments in my Nikon. My other faces include amateur web and app designer, occasional blogger and a strong supporter of open source packages.

I have greatly benefited from the open source contents. So, like JRD Tata quoted, I try to give back something which I have earned (yeah, knowledge alone!). My contributions are mainly focused on documenting the usage of certain research related software tools (like MOPAC, dalton, autodock etc.,) and creating some open educational contents (OEC) (see here).

Being passionate about social media, I like to share my views on research, books, softwares, gadgets and apps. Further, being an active user of Pexels, I shared my part of contribution to open source photography too. Links to my social media accounts can be found at the bottom of this page.

I have created this site mainly to integrate my activities and to archive my digital contents. Feel free to use the contents and if you find it useful, please share them with your circle. Even with my limited time I eager to assist the computer related things. So, any assistance regarding linux and linux based packages can be forwarded at any time.

Finally, thanks for being here! Have a good day!